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Our Team

Stephanie Strianse, Ph.D. Candidate, MA, HS-BCP, Psy-A

Director of Program Operations (PSH and RRH Programs)

Fun Fact: I can make homemade pasta from scratch

Stephanie Strianse is a skilled psychology professional with over a decade of experience in the field. Her areas of focus include addressing the needs of individuals and families living with mental health conditions and substance use disorders.

Her extensive, client-centered field experience includes serving as the Director of Program Operations at Metropolitan Educational Solutions, LLC (MES) in Washington, D.C., providing community-based case management services to over 700 formerly homeless individuals and families. Stephanie began working with MES in 2013 as a Case Manager and moved into her current role in 2016. Ms. Strianse is an experienced training facilitator on topics such as crisis intervention, project management, harm reduction, trauma-responsive care, and professional development. She is a contributing author to the manual “Careers in Counseling and Psychology: A Guide to Choosing the Right Career Path” and also serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner Exam development through NBCC.

Stephanie Strianse holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. She is a current Ph.D. candidate at Walden University in the field of Forensic Psychology. She is a Licensed Psychology Associate in Washington, D.C., and a Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner.

Jamelia Hampton-Dugger, M.S.

Director of Case Management Services (PSH Program)

Fun Fact: I am a twin. We both played basketball, and my nickname was Twin Towers

Jamelia Hampton-Dugger has 20 years of experience in the social service field. She came to MES in 2014 as a Case Manager working with families. Since then, she has grown into leadership and now serves as the Director of Case Management Services. She believes that if you can heal the family, you can heal the world. Jamelia is a native of Washington, D.C. She is a twin and loves to watch sports and help others.

Jamelia has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Bowie State University, and national certifications in peer support with NAADAC and DCAPC. She is committed to ending homelessness in DC through continued partnerships, client workshops, and excellent services to DC residents.

Tania Arevalo Martinez, LICSW

Clinical Director

Fun Fact: I am a fraternal twin

Tania Arevalo Martinez is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with specialized training in psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, community outreach, social injustice, substance abuse addiction, and trauma intervention. Born in Washington DC and raised in PG County, Maryland, her tenacity as a youth athlete afforded her a soccer scholarship to pursue an undergraduate degree in Psychology. Tania followed her passion to service at Howard University School of Social Work. At Howard University, she earned a Master’s of Social Work and graduated at the top of her class with the highest honor of Summa cum laude.

Courtney Berry, LICSW

Clinical Supervisor

Fun Fact: I used to be a cheerleader in high school. I wanted to be a cheerleading coach and knew all the words to Bring it On

Courtney Berry is a Clinical Supervisor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Prince Georges’s County, Maryland, and a University of Maryland, Baltimore graduate. Courtney has always had a passion for working with Children and Families. With over ten years of experience, she has worked in child welfare and several mental health agencies across the metropolitan area. Courtney loves to laugh and enjoys spending time with her family in her spare time.

Ugo Johnson, LICSW

Clinical Supervisor

Fun Fact – I’ve been skydiving twice and flew a plane

Ugo Johnson is a University of Maryland School of Social Work graduate. Ugo has been passionate about helping others since youth and has experience working within the school system child welfare, including child protective services, foster care, and mental health agencies. Ugo believes no one can ever have “too much” experience, as each person and case is unique and a learning experience for all parties involved. Ugo’s favorite quote to live by is, “I often wish that I could save everyone, but I’m a dreamer.” Ugo hopes to continue to change the lives of others.

Shana Edwards, LICSW

Clinical Supervisor

Fun fact: I love to travel

Shana M. Edwards, LICSW, is an MSW graduate from Howard University and a licensed clinical social worker in the District of Columbia. She currently serves as a Clinical Supervisor for Metropolitan Education Solutions, Inc. For almost six years, Shana has combined her social work skills and education to advocate for and empower children and families, particularly those in the District of Columbia. Her combined interests include working in a micro setting with victims of human trafficking, social justice, advocacy, and community services. Shana has also presented at several national social work conferences on an array of research topics.

Kandice Graham, LICSW

Clinical Supervisor

Fun fact: I enjoy gardening, knitting, and binge-watching murder documentaries

Kandice Graham graduated from Bowie State University with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2010 and graduated from Howard University with a Master of Social Work in 2014. Kandice has been serving families in the District of Columbia as a licensed social worker since 2014, working with the homeless population, child protective services, mental health, and children with special needs.

Natasha Broaddus

Case Manager Supervisor – Rapid Rehousing Program

Fun Fact: I drove to Alaska the night I graduated high school and lived in the forest for a summer in a tent while backpacking.

Natasha Broaddus began her military service in the United States Army as a Counterintelligence Agent, 97B. Without knowing it, she began her study of people then. She used her knowledge and training to collect and process forensic and physical evidence to identify and detect foreign intelligence and international terrorist threats and plan the appropriate countermeasures to neutralize them. Natasha participated in many interviews with US citizens and foreign nationals and provided briefings to educate the workforce on credible threats.

Her training was put into action on September 11, 2001, when planes struck the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Natasha and her team responded to the event, gathered INTEL, and facilitated logistics for the unprecedented event. After serving her term of military enlistment, she and her husband began their family. Natasha has homeschooled her children in Prince George’s County, Maryland, for the past ten years and taught first and second-grade science and social studies at her local homeschool tutorial. Natasha also served as the Children’s Director at her home church during this time.

Natasha now works daily with the homeless population in Washington D.C. as a Rapid Rehousing Supervisor in Washington, D.C. Her duties consist of managing a team of Case Managers, Housing Navigator, and Employment Specialist who work toward housing clients suffering from homelessness and other barriers while working alongside them to ensure these clients work toward being self-sufficiency and independence. She has dedicated her life to others and embodies the meaning of being altruistic.

Trinelle Koara

Client Services Coordinator

Fun Fact: When I’m not keeping busy with work, you can find me in my garden, growing all the beautiful things to see, smell and eat

Trinelle Koara joined Metropolitan Educational Solutions in 2022 as a Client Services Coordinator. Prior to MES, Trinelle had over 20 years of human services and case management experience. Trinelle has an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland and attended George Washington University for her graduate studies. Although challenging at times, Trinelle finds working in housing and homelessness prevention very rewarding and finds joy in seeing people change their circumstances and improve their lives.

Debbie Gordon

Client Services Coordinator

Fun fact: I love traveling and experiencing different cultures and cuisines.

Debbie Gordon currently serves as a Client Services Coordinator for Metropolitan Educational Solutions. Before her current position, Debbie was a Case Manager for MES for three years. Before joining MES, She spent over 20 years as an Account Receivable Representative before making a fulfilling career change. Debbie earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and a master’s degree in psychology. Earning her degrees is her most proud achievement.

Jalila Muhammad

Client Services Coordinator

Fun Fact: I am a creative, solution-focused person who loves jigsaw puzzles, appreciates all forms of art, and enjoys being out in nature

Jalila Muhammad is a Client Service Coordinator working with MES since Dec 2022 with a passion for assisting people in realizing their full potential. Jalila is an accomplished, dedicated, service-focused professional with a background in employment counseling and over eight years in case management. Jalilia utilizes empowering coaching and teaching strategies to guide MES case managers to grow.

William Young

Client Services Coordinator

Fun Fact: I attended UMES, where I received my wings and became a Hawk. (Hawk Pride)

William has worked in human services for 15 years, supporting families in different arenas. William started his first adventure for The Library of Congress, where he created an organization called F.R.L. I. (Focusing on Real Life Issues). The organization was developed to promote an environment where staff could be comfortable discussing and debating worldly topics. The organization also was used by upcoming authors to use a platform to promote their books. William also started a basketball government league that ran for three years and became a space where families could come together and enjoy games and entertainment during halftime. William then took his talents to the DC government, where he set his footprints in DPR, DYRS, and DCPS. His passion has always been to bring opportunity to individuals who need that bridge to reach their dreams.

After 15 years of success, William took his talents to Fairfax government, where he implemented several programs for the community that led County Executive Brain Hill to attend his 2 Annual Black History Community Program. Within those two years, he worked with at-risk youth and created a culture that led the youth to win the 2020 Basketball championship. He used sports to create life lessons within the community and empower individuals to have a voice in a variety of programs created. William then returned to DC to become a Case Manager for MES. William enjoys working with families, and during the journey, he created a proposal that would recognize the educational achievement of youth. William was given the opportunity to become a Client Service Coordinator to support the families connected to MES while assisting the case managers in their daily responsibilities.

William continues to implement and collaborate with organizations to obtain resources that can support the families of MES and the internal family of MES.

Jacques Mambo

Housing Navigator

Fun fact: I am a people person

Dr. Jacques K. Mambo has a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration and spent 22 years in the social work and case management field. Dr. Jacques served in the United States Army for eight years and is originally from the DRC (The Democratic Republic of Congo, former Zaire). Besides the English language, Dr. Jacques is fluent in Swahili and French. Dr. Jacques continues to champion transforming people’s lives and helping them become self-sufficient.

Joanita Stokes

Client Engagement Specialist

Fun Fact: The Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral are not far from Titusville, Florida, where I was born. Imagine watching a space shuttle take off while standing in your backyard

Joanita D. Stokes is a client engagement specialist with MES. In 2004, Juanita joined the Alliance program, which allowed her to earn her associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, and she then earned her master’s degree.

During her time in the Alliance Program, Joanita mentored young students in the Suspension Program, which helps students refrain from violating the law and encourages them to learn social control and gain self-reliance. This experience was valuable and applicable to her current duties with MES.

Born in Titusville, Florida, Joanita is the firstborn of two children. Although her father and brother are deceased, her mother is still living and is a powerful and inspiring woman in her life who helped mold her into the woman she is today.

Joanita’s achievements and life experiences taught her that a good education and knowledge of the world around her are key to helping others. She believes every human being is unique because they are molded through genetics and life experiences. As different as people are from each other, everyone passes through the same developmental milestones. Joanita continues to show this passion and experience here at MES.

Linda Shaw

Client Engagement Specialist

Fun Fact: I love cruising and have been to over 50 destinations. I also love to crochet and make things for others. I am a professional photographer and have received dozens of awards.

Linda Shaw was born and reared in the Washington Metropolitan area in Silver Spring, Maryland. As a child, once a month, her family would become tourists and visit all the places of interest throughout the area. She has visited every museum, memorial, and sightseeing site several times!

Linda founded the organization THE NEXT STEP, Inc. helping those and their families that were victimized by domestic violence to take THE NEXT STEP from victim to Survivor. Through workshops, round tables, and straight talk forums, THE NEXT STEP is a conduit for men and women that provides resources and referrals to organizations to help them get the help they need to heal. She also facilitates a “Face To Face” workshop with Survivors, volunteers, women, and men who want to stop DV or help others involved in DV change their narrative.

Linda loves to travel and take cruises, and she has cruised across the Pacific twice and to the Hawaiian Islands. Linda also loves to play cards (Spades). As a teenage/young adult, she was a coveted partner in the Trinidad/Ivy City tournaments with the card name “Lovey.”

She also enjoys activities and crafts, which include crocheting, making stained glass, making baskets, and doing 3D paint parties. She is lovingly known as Me-Ma to her two heartbeats, her grandchildren, Jamaal and Taylor. Linda thanks God for every day on earth and continues to live her purpose to help others.

Case Managers

Alkita Alhanssary

Fun Fact – I can cook any type of international cuisine

Curtis Alston: PSH CM

Fun Fact – I love shooting pool

Brian Anderson: PSH CM

Fun Fact – I dare to dream so I can live to inspire others

Francisca Atem: PSH CM

Fun Fact – I like watching wrestling! I am a fan of “The New Day.”

Miranda Cham

Charlene Crafton

Fun Fact – I like to collect refrigerator magnets from places I have traveled. I have over 25 and counting!

Anthony Coleman: RRH CM

Fun Fact – At one time, I really didn’t care for pizza, but now if I am going to eat pizza, it’s going to be Ledo’s Deluxe with “Whole Bacon,” hot peppers, and cheese because that’s a pizza!

Catherine Davis

Sherelle Dewitt

Fun Fact I absolutely LOVE raw oysters

Denise Dunston

Fun Fact – I have lived in the DMV area for 23 years now and love dancing to GO-GO music.

Carlyn Fingers

Fun Fact -I am a licensed Nail Tech

Ansley Gerhard

Shannon Gill

Fun Fact -I am fluent in ASL

Larquetta Hammie

Fun Fact – I was born and raised in NC, and my favorite food is chicken

Gabriela Hernandez

Fun Fact – My Favorite food is pasta

Cecelya Hilber

Fun Fact -I was the youngest volunteer ever accepted to Cedars Sinai’s Thalians mental heath warm line for teenagers.

Natausha Jones

Fun Fact – I’m a die-hard Law and Order SVU fan!

Roy Jordan

Fun Fact – I’m DC born and raised, and my grandson shares the same birth date

Jesse Kinard

Fun Fact -I am a very good self-taught portrait artist.

India Little

Fun Fact – My favorite food is sweet potatoes. I can eat them every day.

Charity Martin

Fun Fact -I am the coolest skater in the DC area. Skate is my life. Swimming is my relief. Listening and solving solutions gives me super strength!

Monica Martin

Fun Fact – I love to live on the edge. I truly enjoy skydiving, wind sailing, and hot balloon rides.

Linsey Megrue

Fun Fact -I know how to juggle!

Nachelle Moore

Fun Fact – I love to eat crabs and enjoy skating.

Patrick Morilus

Fun Fact – I am Haitian American and was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

Charmaine Nduku

Carolyn Parham

Michael Pope

Fun Fact – I migrated to Washington DC over forty years ago before the metro system was built.

Randal Rankins

Fun Fact – I’m a middle child that enjoys cooking and sports

Anisha Rao

Fun Fact -I love animals and art.

William Rowe

Fun Fact – I love to Golf, but my passion is Cruising & Travel

Jesse Scott

LaRissa Smallwood

Fun Fact -I lived in Germany when I was 18, and I drove on the Autobahn, where you can drive as fast as you want

Murray Sumes

Fun Fact -I have one blue eye and one brown.

Larry Vines

Fun Fact – All three of my children are separated by eight years

Darien Walls

Fun Fact -I like listening to ambient lounge music and underground hip hop.

Marcia Watson

Fun Fact -My most favorite place is being on the beach and watching the sunrise.

Marjorie Wilkerson

Andrea Wilkinson

Fun Fact -I am very family-oriented, and I was born and raised in DC

Tanika Williams

Fun Fact -I love writing poetry and am very talented at making arts and crafts.

Tanya Williams

Fun Fact – My favorite books are murder mystery

Jaene Wilson

Fun Fact – My favorite pastime is watching British TV

Daylawnia Wise

Fun Fact -I love strawberry shortcakes

Jodine Younge

Fun Fact -I was born and raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I speak two languages – Krio & English. I have lived in four different countries, Guinea, The Gambia, Canada, and now the U.S.A. I love watching movies and dancing.

Lejla Zagorica


MES is a great place to work! If you are an individual who is passionate about helping the D.C. Community, please email your resume to info@metroedsolutions.com.